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List of Services

Additional sockets and switches

We install additional sockets and switches to the highest standard. Safety is our main concern. You can rely on us to make sure everything is looking perfect before we finish.

Appliance installation

We install most electrical appliances that you may require, for example ovens, hobs, washing machines or dryers. Safety and reliability is ensured.

CCTV Installation

There are many types of CCTV cameras, and we can help you choose the best ones to suit your needs. Thrust us to help you to keep your property safe.

Computer networking

We will set up your computer network in a clean and professional manner and ensure that the cables are free from interference.

Electric Showers

We install all necessary cables and switches for your shower. After the plumber has finished the installation we provide full testing and certification of the electrics. We can also recommend a reliable plumber if you wish.

Emergency Call Outs

Eco Plus+Electrical is available at any time of the day in case of an Emergency. Whether your fuse board is tripping, your heating has failed or your lights have gone out, you can rely on Eco Plus+Electrical to help.

Emergency lighting installation & testing

Emergency lighting is required for many premises by law and is important to ensure your safety. Our emergency lighting installations fulfill the legal requirements and we personally ensure that they are tested and work correctly.

Energy efficient electric heating

Eco Plus+Electrical is specialises in environmentally friendly heating. We offer reliable and friendly advice when considering your heating options. Trust Eco Plus+Electrical to carry out all aspects of the installation.

Fault finding & periodic testing

If you have a fault in your electrical circuits you can trust Eco Plus+Electrical to find and solve the problem both professionally and efficiently. We can also carry out periodic testing to ensure all your electrics are safe and up to industry standards.

Fuse board upgrades

Many old fuse boards do not support the full extent of today’s modern lifestyle. Eco Plus+Electrical can replace or upgrade your fuse board so it is safe and meets your everyday needs.

Garden lighting

Eco Plus+Electrical is experienced in installing all forms of garden lighting. Whether you want to highlight certain features or offer safe lighting for pathways we will always deliver the best results.

LED lighting

LED lighting is the most advanced form of lighting available today and can save you money on your electricity and maintenance bill. LED lighting uses much less electricity than conventional lights, is environmentally friendly and can be used for tens of thousands of hours before it will need to be replaced.

Security lighting

Security Lights are proven to scare away potential intruders and alarm the residents and neighbours of potential threats. Eco Plus+Electrical can help install security lighting so that all vulnerable areas are covered.

Heating controls

Modern heating controls are an effective way of controlling your heating and as such can offer savings of up to 10% on your annual heating bill. Eco Plus+Electrical can set up your heating so that it automatically turns off when a certain temperature is reached. You can now even control it from an app on your smartphone!

Immersion time clocks

Clocks for Immersion heaters can need replacing from time to time. Heating your water can cost a lot of money if they are not set right or are found to be faulty. Let Eco Plus+Electrical install your immersion time clock which will guarantee the best result.

Specialists in house wiring – new builds & extensions

Whether it is a new build or you are adding an extension to your home you can trust Eco Plus+Electrical to work in a clean and professional manner.